Son of a Trickster God High Concept
Can’t resist a good prank Trouble
I’ll have Nun of that! Background
We all walk our own paths Rising Action
The deserving should get what they deserve First Adventure
Salvage rights Guest Stars
- Guest Stars Redux
Skills Cap: Great, 26 points
Great: 2 Conviction, Discipline
Good: 2 Deceit, Alertness
Fair: 3 Athletics, Resources, Endurance
Average: 3 Rapport, Presence, Stealth, burglary
None at the moment.
Divine blood: 0 The source of his power, Loki’s blood allows him access to powers and weaknesses similar to those of his father. Drawing too deeply on this power could lead to him becoming a demigod(and NPC), but at his current level of strength he is a long way away from that. Blood drinkers such as Red and Black court vampires find his blood to be especially delicious should they chance to taste it. Like Wizard’s constitution, this power comes with long term improved healing and enhanced longevity.
-3 Evocation -2 refinement
Fire: specialization Conviction +1
Wind: specialization Conviction +1, Discipline +1
Foci Necklace: Wind focus, +1 conviction, +1 discipline
-1 Natural Born Trickster Can speak any language. Can often sense deserving victims of pranks, and appropriate ways to prank them. Can also sense things that have caught his father’s attention.
+1 Feeding dependency large quantities of food(godly appetite)
Refresh left 2

{ Background | | I’ll have Nun of that! |
| |
Traveller isn’t certain what his true name is, but the nuns who raised him called him James Peter, or ‘that demon child’, depending on their mood at the time. What he does know of his early days is that his mother was very beautiful, very kind, very generous, and very much… not that bright; in other words, just his father’s type.

His grandfather had managed to keep her safe from the world while he sought a man who would take care of her instead of taking advantage of her, but it was that last bit of challenge that made her truly irresistible to Loki. One who read Norse mythology would be surprised to hear that Loki was out and about. The world hadn’t ended lately(that anyone had noticed, at least), and Loki was supposedly imprisoned until Ragnarok. What mortals didn’t know was that the Norse gods retained a large portion of their power by being cyclic in nature. Loki had become bitter about his adoptive father’s deceit, lead a rebellion, been thwarted and imprisoned, escaped, and slain Odin a dozen times in the millenia they’d been around. Most of their cycles had not had all that much variation until this one, when mortal knowledge made its way into immortal hands early on in the cycle. Loki learned that he had been adopted before having the chance to develop bitterness over Odin not understanding that his mental feats were just as impressive as Thor’s physical ones. The news hit him hard, still, but without centuries of resentment built up first, it is quite possible that the entire cycle of the Norse gods may change this time around.

So it was that Loki, still brother to and best friend of Thor, was passing through Midgard when he espied a lovely lady. With his cunning and wiles, it took him no time at all to seduce her, bed her, and leave her, unknowing of the child he had engendered. Months later, Traveler’s grandfather took a newborn babe into a nearby city, abandoning his grandchild at a church for fear that nobody would take his daughter in if they knew she had been sullied, as even as far as the world had come, old values and fears still clung tightly in many rural areas; social cancers that were slow to die.

The mischievousness and impulsiveness he had inherited from his father completely failed to endear him to the strict disciplinarians of the Catholic orphanage in which he was raised. His first spell, at age four, burnt the hands of the nun giving him a spanking and led to his first exorcism. The first time around, it was terrifying; the second, a bit exciting but no more fruitful; by his third attempted exorcism he found the whole process a bit boring except for the physical discomfort involved. What they managed to teach him was the need for discretion—discipline was something he taught himself, the self control needed to achieve what he intended from his efforts and to wait for the right moment to pull a prank. Most of the nuns were so uptight that he just couldn’t resist taking the piss out of them, while the few truly holy nuns had nothing to fear from him. Somehow he could feel the difference between the false humility that was really pride in sheep’s clothing, and the nuns who truly practiced what they preached.

While travelling across France, Traveller came across a small group of Germans heading East who screamed to his senses that they had done something deserving of retribution. He followed them to the inn where they were staying the night, snuck inside their rooms(after ensuring they were unconscious), and found a handful of ancient golden coins that he could tell were… something different. He replaced them with an equal number of gelt, chocolate coins covered in gold foil, with an enchantment of limited duration(as long as he could manage) to make them seem like real gold coins.



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