Frank's Dragon Father


Masodrax has Mythic Strength, Mythic Toughness, Hulking Size, Natural Armor, Wings, Claws, a fiery Breath weapon, Evocation (Fire, Earth, and Spirit), the Sight, Soulgaze, Thaumaturgy, Specialization (fire), the Catch (ha ha, I’m not telling), Shapeshifting (kinda but not really True) and Broadened Supernatural Senses. He does not, as a general rule, move, but he is powerful enough to smoosh tiny mortal men who actively perturb him. He can be killed; dragons have been slain. And he can be bypassed, but he is a being of lasting passions and immortal patience, take that how you will.

His least impressive skills are at 4. His more impressive skills, like Weapons, Fists, Endurance, and Contacts… Those are like 7. His Conviction, like 8. He’s millennia old. He’s had time to build power, and he’s a dragon, so a lot comes innate.


Masodrax is an enormous dragon in the Western style, with great golden wings and crests and black claws and fangs. His eyes are smoldering coals. He is well muscled, especially for a being who moves as infrequently as he.
Masodrax is ancient. Some stories claim he breathed flames that mortals stole to elevate themselves to the gods’ level. Then, he was but a wyrmling, but even so, he can still remember the first time a man was burned to death, and the first time a baby sighed as her mother warmed them by the flames. He saw weapons and empires become forged and tempered in flames and watched fire consume the chaff of civilization, leaving only the strong behind. He grew interested in the things mortals made and left behind, and while he was young yet, he gathered things from the world over. Coinage, weapons, religious icons, children’s toys, jewelry exchanged between lovers, and charms,each embued with mortal magic of some kind or another, though mostly the kind of everyday magics that mortals don’t see until Masodrax has taken the items to his horde. He collected and favors, souls, names, and ideas by the score and traded them away for power. He has, for this reason, become too powerful.
Beings with power such as his affect the nature of the world. He is, magically and physically, too big to do anything directly. He cannot even speak, as his voice alone makes continents tremble. If he were to move beyond the stretches and shifts to keep his material body from atrophying, volcanoes would burst the world over. Without the ability to move, he often sleeps, letting the world run its course until something happens. This has meant many thieves have braved his cavern to take his horde, but his protectors usually dispatch them. Those who slip away can usually escape with only one thing: their life, but enough of the horde has gone missing for him to have become motivated to seek the items out.
How, then, did Frank come into being? Circumstances were right, or perhaps deals were made, but however it happened, Masodrax was able to walk the earth for a time, during which he conceived only one child— the first child born to him in an era. He did not wander long or linger, and returned to his slumber. No one knows why. He has Frank act on his behalf in regards to the horde.


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